We all hope that our countless hours of vacation planning and prepping will somehow make us immune to aches, pains, and illness. Unfortunately, we all know that isn’t true, so it’s best to be prepared.

For our trip out of town, I packed a very simple medicine bag. I used one of my large zipper bags to hold bandaids and antibiotic ointment, a couple bottles of pain and fever medicine, some allergy pills and tummy remedies. Liquid children’s medications were first placed into a smaller zipper bag that also held a dosing cup.

This large zipped bag sat in the front seat with me while we were driving and was carried into our hotel room each night. It was easy to have everything close at hand, and I always knew where it was if I needed it.

An important note……if you have young children, be very careful with medications all the time, especially on vacation. You may want to keep medications locked away in a suitcase or purse. Don’t take any chances! A vacation spent at the beach is always better than one spent in the emergency room.

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