Simply Better :: Six Weeks to Clutter-Free Clean

Simply Better :: Six Weeks to Clutter-Free Clean | Are you tired of the clutter, dirt, and chaos?  Take the challenge! |

Home. Breathe in that word for a minute. Ahhh…Think about the beauty of a peaceful haven where your family plays and relaxes. The very word smells like a breath of fresh air, huh?

Unless you’re standing in my  house. Then, you might think the word “home” smells a bit like dust, and piles of shoes, and clutter that we’re all trying to ignore. Seriously.

Right now, my home looks rather…um…lived in. It isn’t exactly a pig sty, but it isn’t really a picture of order, either. The constant messiness is frustrating, and it might be driving me just a little bit crazy. Or a lot crazy.

The Simple Life

We used to live a simple life. A very, very simple life. Our entire collection of furniture consisted of one green striped sofa, a television on a TV stand, and a borrowed card table. Our closets had plenty of space, our bathrooms had very few towels, and our kitchen held just enough pans and dishes to ensure our survival. Our house was pretty empty.

I remember the day a repair man took a look at our living room and made a comment about us just moving in. He couldn’t tell we had already lived here for more than a year. True story.

We were minimalists by necessity, mostly because we didn’t have any extra money. If something cost more than a gallon of milk, we opted for the milk. We were ultra frugal, weighing every purchase carefully, so we didn’t have much clutter. We couldn’t afford it.

Fast Forward to Today

A lot has changed in our lives since those early years. We have more kids, more money, and more stuff. We aren’t rich, but we now have the luxury of occasionally buying things we probably don’t need.

And if I’m being honest, that’s not all bad.

It’s nice to cook Thanksgiving dinner without borrowing pans from my mom. We like the fact that we have real chairs to go with our real dining room table. We enjoy having plates displayed on our wall and books lined up on our shelves. We are thankful for the things we have.

But that extra stuff isn’t all good, either.

Clothes we no longer wear crowd our closets. Books we once wanted are covered with dust. Toys that used to bring joy just get in the way.

And if we don’t stay on top of all the sorting and cleaning, that “stuff” can rob us of our sense of peace. It can cause us to feel out-of-sorts, and even downright annoyed.

That’s where I am. I’m at that place where I just can’t take it anymore. I’m sick and tired of stepping over junk and looking under piles. I’m frustrated by the wasted time, the wasted thought, the wasted energy. Something needs to change.

I’m ready to downsize. Sort of.

Simply Better :: Six Weeks to Clutter-Free Clean | Are you tired of the clutter, dirt, and chaos?  Take the challenge! |

Simply Better

Sometimes I feel a little left out when people start talking about “simple living” or “minimalism”. I think a bare-bones lifestyle sounds really cool and freeing, but it just doesn’t fit me or my family in this season of our lives.

It’s important to realize that simplicity doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all. It’s alright if your view of clean enough isn’t the same as mine, your sister-in-law’s, or that perfect blogger with the professionally organized sock drawer.

Instead of trying to force our families into a mold that might be great for someone else but a burden for us, maybe it’s best to find some balance. I want to create peace, not a set of rules on how many shirts we are allowed to own (but if you have a shirts rule, then you go, Girl!).

I want to simplify things, but not be simplistic. I want to have less, but not less-than-nothing. I want to minimize, but not be a minimalist.

Let’s take control of our homes and homemaking in a way that will bless our families. Let’s not get hung up on how to do it “right”. Let’s stop worrying about whether or not our homes are Pinterest perfect, and let’s be content with improvement.

Let’s ditch perfect and embrace better.

Simply Better :: Six Weeks to Clutter-Free Clean | Are you tired of the clutter, dirt, and chaos?  Take the challenge! |

6 Weeks to Clutter-Free Clean

Are you tired of walking around the piles? Are you sick of digging through closets and cabinets every time you need something? Are you fed up with dust, and clutter, and chaos?

Are you ready to make some changes around your house?

Me too!

For the next six weeks, I’m going to pour myself into whipping my home into shape, and I hope you’ll take the challenge with me.

It doesn’t matter if your house is a major disaster or just a little bit messy. We aren’t here to compare. Jump in wherever you are and commit to making your home better for your family. We all can do that!

The main goals of the Simply Better Challenge are to…

Have less stuff.

If you don’t need it or like it, then get rid of it. Identify the clutter in your home and focus on dealing with it. I might even get brave and post some before and after shots of my own problems and progress on Instagram using the hashtag #simplybetter.

Find smarter storage.

Think of the best place to keep things so they can be easily found and then put away. Be creative and logical, but don’t procrastinate by trying to be perfect. If I come up with a brilliant solution as I’m working through my home, I’ll be sure to share it with you and pin it on my Homemaking Help board.

Create efficient routines.

Routines help simplify the basic, repeated tasks of managing a home. Print out each week’s Daily To Do List {Weekly Plan} and use it to follow my routines with me.  My Morning To Do List that’s printed at the top is an essential in my book!

Clean and beautify.

Once all the extra junk is out of the way, it will be easier to subtract dirt and add beauty. It won’t happen overnight, but with some effort, your home will start looking lovely rather than just lived in.

Simply Better :: Six Weeks to Clutter-Free Clean | Are you tired of the clutter, dirt, and chaos?  Take the challenge! |

Take the Challenge

Each of the next six weeks, besides posting my usual Daily To Do List {Weekly Plan}, I’ll be taking it a step further.

Right here on Gospel Homemaking, I’ll be posting a free printable each week with ideas for sorting, cleaning, and organizing the various areas of our homes. Even if the entire list doesn’t get completed in one week’s time, it will be a great way to track our progress.

I’ll link the Simply Better challenges, printables, and any other special cleaning and simplifying posts from the series right at the bottom of this page. (Hint: Pin this post for easy reference!)

And for all my newsletter subscribers, you’ll get a sneak peek of each week’s Simply Better printable lists. You can print yours over the weekend to get a jump start on the new week! Go ahead and subscribe now so you can get all the posts, lists, and reminders in your email inbox with my FREE weekly newsletter!

Clutter-Free Clean Tips and Lists:

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Will you take the challenge? Let us know in the comments if you’re ready for clutter-free clean!



  1. Linda Purcel says

    I am SO ready to be clutter-free and like the idea of being part of a group working together! Thanks Amy!!

  2. Laura says

    I am so ready to get my home clutter free. I love your weekly emailed planners. I use them faithfully. Thank you!!!

  3. Laura says

    I am ready to begin also. I thought I’d get things taken care of over the summer, but I didn’t. I will begin driving school bus Wednesday so I’ll have a little less time than I’d like, but I don’t have little ones at home anymore, my baby is a Senior, so I can work on it in between school runs. I’m also getting back in to daily bible reading. And I’m starting a carb cycling program to lose some weight before my son’s wedding late September. I feel strong and ready right now and I pray that feeling continues.

    • says


      Every single year I think I’ll get so much done over the summer, but I never do! Sometimes just getting into a routine changes our mindset and gives us the little kick we need to get some things accomplished. And it sounds like you’re already off to a good start! The best place to start is with daily Bible reading, and getting that exercise might give you the extra energy you need to carry through with your cleaning and organizing plan. :)
      Amy Clark Scheren recently posted…Simply Better: Master Bedroom {Clutter-Free Tips + Printable List}My Profile


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