My husband and older son went on a little trip at the beginning of this week. While they were gone, I planned to catch up on some paperwork and filing, clean everything, and write. Well, I did some of my paperwork and all of my filing. I also cleaned like a crazy person (and still have several more days-worth of cleaning left). But I didn’t write. Sorry.

You see, I only had a short amount of extra time in my days, and I decided to give it away. I had a nine-year-old little boy (who won’t be little much longer) who wanted some time with me. So, we snuggled down in my bed and talked about things like the beginning of the school year and how he feels about turning ten. Then we looked at a box of things from when he was a baby. We fell in love with each other even more than we already were (shhh….don’t tell him I said that!).

There were quite a few things that I really wish I could have gotten done. Still, I would never wish away those moments I spent with my special guy. I’ll have more minutes in more days for doing more cleaning and writing. But before I’m ready, that little boy of mine will be all grown up and might only find time to come home when he needs his laundry done or wants a meal that wasn’t cooked in a microwave.

When that time comes, I hope he remembers the morning that we pulled up the covers and laughed and talked just because we loved each other. I hope he doesn’t forget. I hope I don’t either.

Have you spent time doing something truly important today?  Tell us about it!



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    Hi Amy.

    What a beautiful post. It is so hard to make that sacrifice when you feel like you’re drowning in stuff that has to be done, but I bet he WILL remember that time you spent together. Well done.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog tonight. I came over from Blogging With Amy.

    In Him,

    (PS. I love how easy it is to register being a real person, not a bot. I HATE those text recognition ones. Yours is simple. Yay for simple!)

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    I AM where you know you are headed. I have three amazing “boys”. My 23-year-old (college graduate) owns his own home, my 20-year-old, almost 21 (yes, we still do that) is off at college, and my 18-year -old is in his first year of college, but living at home for the first year (thank you God :-) ) .The other night my 18-year-old, Michael, laid beside me in bed and just talked, for more than an hour. I so loved that time, and that a son of 18 would still want to do that with his mom – ME! I appreciate every moment I get with my boys, whether it’s a phone call to see how to cook something (yeah, they actually liked something I made!), or to tell me about something good that happened, or bad, or just the hugs that come too seldom from the ones that I don’t see every day. However, they DO come home and when they do it is a celebration. Although, everyday is a celebration just knowing these amazing guys are in my life. Did I mention that my husband is pretty great too :-).

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