Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

So, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  I’ve known it was coming since last year around this time, and I’ve been planning for it since…well…since about fifteen minutes ago.

I meant  to plan ahead this year.  Really, I did.  And still, it just didn’t happen.  I could give you all the classic excuses:  I got busy….I was sick….the dog ate my Valentines.  A couple of them would even be true.  But rather than figure out why I didn’t follow through with some simple, early planning (a topic for therapy, perhaps?), I think I’ll just brainstorm a few ideas that can be thrown together easily so my family will know how very much they are loved and adored.


Love notes – Every Valentine’s Day, I like to write little notes telling my husband and each of my kids what I love about them and why I am so proud to be called their wife or mommy.  I’ll leave these notes at the breakfast table, on the driver’s seat in the car, in the sock drawer, in a shoe, any place they will be sure to be found and bring a smile.  Printable cards like these from Jones Design Company are perfect.

Cheap candy – Nothing says, “I love you,” quite like a little candy heart that says, “I love you.” Or, “Kiss me.” Or, “You’re sweet.”  A little packet made from a square of fabric or plastic wrap tied up with some ribbon makes this cheapo candy look extra special.

Special breakfast with lovely flag – I’m planning on making Pumpkin Muffins for a special treat tomorrow morning.  I’ll mix all the dry ingredients tonight to speed up the process. To make breakfast extra lovely, I’ll put together some simple flags to pronounce my feelings.  These are so cute and easy. 1) Cut a rectangle out of paper or card stock. 2) Fold paper in half, lengthwise, and cut into a triangle. 3) Open up paper, cover with glue, and stick a toothpick into the crease. 4) Stick into any food to share the love.

Cards for Daddy – Do you remember making construction paper hearts when you were a kid? Grab the paper, scissors, glue, and crayons and get your children working on some surprises for their dad when he comes home from work.

Cut-out cookies – I missed out on having the kiddos decorate cookies at Christmas this year, but I can make up for it tomorrow with some cut-out hearts and a bowl of pink frosting.  I have lots of heart-shaped cutters, but a knife and a paper template would do for cutting the rolled-out dough.

Heart-shaped everything – I also like surprising my family with some unexpected  hearts.  I’ll use the cookie cutters to make heart-shaped sandwiches, cheese slices, and biscuits (like these that I served for dinner last night).

Neighborly surprises – Our neighbors are way too nice.  After they shoveled every driveway on our street last week,  just for their own fun (crazy sweet, right?), I decided that Valentine’s Day was the perfect excuse to give a little back.  I think I’ll pop some Banana Bread into the oven so I can take them a loving treat and say, “Thank you,” for all they do to love us year-round.

I found quite a few more ideas floating around the web, and you can check them out on my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board.  Hopefully I can add to it, and maybe next year I’ll use it to get a jump-start on my holiday plans.  Maybe….

What are your favorite last minute Valentine’s Day surprises? Please share!


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