6 Ways to Take Control and Give Up

6 Ways to Take Control and Give Up |  When life feel not-quite-right, we don't have to live like victims.  We can lean on God's grace and take action. | GospelHomemaking.com

I’ve been feeling “off” lately. Hey, it happens.

Sometimes I feel like my house is a little bit out of control, my family is a little bit out of control, my life is a little bit out of control.

That’s where I’ve been living for the past few days…or weeks…I don’t really know. What I do know is that I wake up with a tightened-up feeling in my stomach, and it never fully leaves me. I’m an odd sort of stressed that doesn’t have any real source or explanation. It’s just there.

And while I have all kinds of goals, and dreams, and projects I really, really want to work on, I can’t seem to stream two complete thoughts together often enough to make any progress. Maybe my brain is foggy. Or maybe I’m lazy. I’m not quite sure which it is.

I’m not sick, or in the middle of a mid-life crisis, or completely falling apart at the seams. I’m just “off.” It isn’t the first time I’ve felt not-quite-right, and it certainly won’t be the last.

But I think I’m finally reaching my breaking point with it. I’m ready to take control where I can, and give up control where I need to. I may not be able to totally wipe away these feelings, but I also don’t have to be a victim to them.

I can recognize that times like these are a gift because they remind me of my desperate need for grace. They whittle away at my pride and force me to the gospel.

So, I am going to face this…trial? Season? Weirdness?

Whatever you call it, I’m going to be intentional about how I live these wearisome days. And even as I’m intentionally taking action, I also will need to be intentionally relying on grace. My actions will be nothing more than spinning my wheels if they aren’t drawing me into a deeper dependence on God and his steadfast love.

6 Ways to Take Control and Give Up |  When life feel not-quite-right, we don't have to live like victims.  We can lean on God's grace and take action. | GospelHomemaking.com

6 Ways to Take Control and Give Up

1.  Have a daily quiet time.

My quiet time with God is important. Actually, it’s more than just important; it’s essential. I need to open God’s Word and turn to Him. Even when it seems like I’m just going through the motions, God always works in my heart through my time with Him.

2. Pray often.

I cannot control what is going on around me. In all honesty, I can’t control what’s going on inside of me either. Praying about my child’s attitude, the mountain of bills, and the piles of laundry is the best way to remember there is One who does control all of it. I must humbly go before God throughout each day.

3. Praise God.

Time and time again, my mood and attitude have been changed for the better when I’ve committed myself to praising God. Praise Him for the dirty dishes that held the blessing of food. Praise Him for the children who are healthy enough to make messes. Praise Him for the opportunity to show forgiveness and live out the gospel.

4. Stop thinking.

It’s astounding where my mind can go when left to run wild. I naturally think about everything that’s going wrong, how much I’m not getting done, and how unfair my life can be sometimes. Instead, I need to force my mind to speak gospel truths to myself, and I need to rejoice in this season and situation.

6. Unplug.

Quite often, when I’m feeling “off,” it’s because I need to stop spending so much time online. Constantly checking Facebook, refreshing my email, and trying to virtually connect can leave me feeling very unconnected to real life. Turning it all off for a period of time each day can feel like a breath of fresh air.

5. Do what I want.

Rather than feeling overwhelmed by everyone and everything pulling at me, I must recognize that I have some control over what I do with my time. I can enjoy sitting with my kids, even though the To Do List remains untouched. And I can attack that messy kitchen table that’s driving me crazy. I’m not a victim. I can live fully right where I am.

What truth do you speak to your heart when feeling not-quite-right?  Let’s chat in the comments…



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